The DeFi Wallet for the Future

Fearless Wallet is a bespoke mobile wallet and browser extension designed for the decentralized future of the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. A premium user experience, fast performance, DEX integration, and secure storage for your accounts. #StayFearless

50+ supported networks

Your Keys, Your Tokens, Your Networks

Non-Custodial, Decentralized & Open‑Source

Users own their tokens and interact directly with their favorite blockchain networks. Fearless Wallet takes zero fees.

Unique Features

Scam warning

The app warns users if they are trying to transfer their funds to potential scammers or to CEX withdrawal addresses, to help prevent loss of funds

Nomination pools staking

This cutting edge Dotsama feature is available for Fearless Wallet users. They can participate by staking really small amounts of DOT and KSM tokens in a convenient way

Universal transfer flow

We’ve redesigned the transfer flow to make it universal. The transfer screen has all the options to customise your transfer such as adding a recepient and changing token and network, all in one place

Superior Features

  • Account Creation and Importing
    Users can currently create accounts on Kusama, Polkadot, parachains and other Substrate-based networks, with more to come.
  • Network Management
    Users have a convenient way to manage multiple networks accounts within a single app.
  • Polkaswap
    Token swaps and liquidity pool management within the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems.
  • Application Settings
    Easily change application settings such as PIN code and display language, with eight languages currently supported and more to come!
  • Wallet Functions
    Fearless Wallet offers a full palette of wallet functions: realtime token balances, fiat rates, send and receive tokens, existential deposit information and warnings, and transaction histories.
  • Staking
    Users will be able to nominate validators, bond tokens, and manage their stakes within the Kusama, Polkadot, Moonbeam, Moonriver and SORA networks.

Account Creation and Import

Fearless Wallet users can create accounts on the Kusama, Polkadot relay chains and their parachains

  • Mnemonic
    Once an account name has been entered and a mnemonic has been generated and confirmed, the user is prompted to set a six-digit PIN code, and, if desired, enable biometric authentication for hassle-free account access.
  • Algorithms
    sr25519, ed25519, and ECDSA crypto algorithms are supported, as well as hierarchical deterministic wallet addresses.
  • Import
    Users can also import existing ecosystem accounts into Fearless Wallet using mnemonic phrases, seeds, or restore JSON files.

Network Management

Fearless Wallet offers users a convenient way to manage multiple wallets that can contain hundreds of accounts within a single app.

Since Fearless Wallet is a non-custodial mobile application, all accounts are stored securely within a private app space on the user’s device

Wallet names can be modified and the network accounts within can be rearranged or removed, and can be exported in mnemonic, seed or JSON formats.

In addition to standard account management functions, Fearless Wallet enables in-app network management

Users can view lists of default relay chains and parachains connections (Parity, W3F and community supported nodes); add, update, rearrange, and remove custom nodes; and easily switch between accounts, networks, and nodes.

Wallet Functions

Fearless Wallet offers a full palette of wallet functions:

  • Full Control
    Users can easily switch between and manage their wallets, as well as several networks and token sets. Asset lists are fully customizable and adjustable. Total wallet balance with recent variations is also available.
  • Main Wallet Functions
    Users can initiate transfers, get their account details, buy and swap tokens by horizontally swiping the asset item.
  • QR Code Scanning
    Transferring your assets is really straightforward, just scan another wallet’s QR code! This feature is available on the app’s main screen.

Browser Extension


Interact with your favorite Substrate-based dApps using an interface that is simple to use, yet powerful, intuitive and Fearless


All your assets available within your desktop, quickly access your assets on any parachain or solochain with a few clicks


Send and receive assets from your desktop without having to stop what you’re doing


By connecting your mobile Fearless Wallet to the browser extension, you can safely interact with dApps in their native format yet safely sign any transactions using your mobile phone, get the best of both worlds!

Application Settings, Info and Upcoming Features

Users can easily change application settings such as their PIN code and display language. Fearless Wallet is committed to cooperation and transparency.

  • Transparency
    100% Open Source
    Our website, terms and conditions, GitHub repositories, and social media accounts are all accessible within the app—as are roadmap and dev status information on upcoming features.
  • Swaps
    Polkaswap decentralized exchange
    Token swaps and liquidity pool management within the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems, powered by Polkaswap from the SORA network.

The Fearless Wallet Mobile Library

Fearless Wallet is the first native mobile application to support all Kusama and Polkadot network features, including advanced features such as staking and XCM cross-chain transfers. In order to achieve this level of support, our team has implemented native mobile libraries to build mobile apps for Substrate-based networks.

  • Open Source
    These libraries are open source, and the Fearless Wallet team welcomes community contributions.
  • Ecosystem Specific
    The libraries include hash algorithms, encoders and decoders, signing methods, and implementations of features specific to the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems, such as icon generation for network-specific addresses.
  • Inside the Fearless Wallet Development Process
    In keeping with the Kusama spirit, our team has prioritized cooperation and transparency throughout the development process.

Fearless Wallet is unique on both the technical and user‑experience levels

Roadmap (simplified)

Q2 2023
  • SORA Card. A service that allows you to have a Mastercard-powered debit card, an IBAN, and a platform to exchange fiat for crypto and vice versa
  • Google Auth. A feature to allow users to authenticate using their Google accounts
  • Ethereum and EVM network support. Support for Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks to enable cross-chain transactions and interoperability with other Dotsama ecosystem networks available on Fearless Wallet
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Latest news

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Fearless Wallet Embarks on a New Round of Development With an Approved Kusama Treasury Proposal
Fearless Wallet Embarks on a New Round of Development With an Approved Kusama Treasury Proposal
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Fearless Wallet Successfully Completed the Kusama Grant to Build a Polkadot and Kusama Multi-Asset Wallet
Fearless Wallet Successfully Completed the Kusama Grant to Build a Polkadot and Kusama Multi-Asset Wallet
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Fearless Wallet Integrates Ramp for Easy Fiat-to-Crypto On-Ramps
Fearless Wallet Integrates Ramp for Easy Fiat-to-Crypto On-Ramps
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Fearless Wallet 2.0 — Multi-Asset Parachain Support Release
Fearless Wallet 2.0 — Multi-Asset Parachain Support Release


Who is developing the Fearless Wallet?

Fearless Wallet is developed by SORAMITSU and has been supported by the Kusama Treasury and the SORA community. SORAMITSU is a Japanese technology company delivering blockchain-based solutions for enterprises, universities, and governments. From the creation of domestic and cross-border payment systems, to the development of a completely decentralized autonomous economy, SORAMITSU's projects and use case studies represent the next-generation of fintech

Where is the source code for the Fearless Wallet?
How do I contact the SORAMITSU team?

You can email us at or join the Fearless Wallet Telegram group to ask any questions and stay updated with the latest news:

What features of Fearless Wallet are currently available?

The latest version including Staking, Analytics, Crowdloans, Account Management, Wallet, App Settings, Extrinsic Support, Multi-network and Multi-asset support is available now. Polkaswap and governance will come in 2023.

What is the minimum amount I can contribute to a Crowdloan?

The minimum amounts are set at 5 DOT for the Polkadot crowdloans and 0.1 KSM for Kusama crowdloans. Some teams may also choose to set their own minimum contribution required for receiving rewards. Setting a maximum contribution amount allows teams to place a cap on the rewards that they are willing to offer crowdloan contributors, and may differ from the hard cap set by either Polkadot or Kusama on the blockchain.

When will I get the contributed $DOT/$KSM back from the Crowdloan?

If the project you contributed to wins, your DOT/KSM will be locked for up to 24 months/48 weeks respectively (please confirm the slot duration with the project specifically, as they will be the ones to define the duration). If the contributed project loses, your DOT / KSM will be returned at the end of the next era after the auction batch has ended.

What is staking?

Staking is locking your tokens in the network in order to generate new blocks. Using Fearless Wallet makes the process much simpler, with all the required information presented in a clear and intuitive manner for you to begin staking fearlessly.

How do I import/export a wallet?

Fearless Wallet is unique on both the technical and user‑experience levels